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Anonymous said: I dont mean to intrude on any sensitive issues right now so if you feel uncomfortable still talking about it, feel free to ignore it but if you dont mind me asking. Was there/ Is there a part of you that wants you to go back to him? Is it really that hard to let go of someone you shared a lot of things with and at one point loved beyond a doubt and just go back to being friends?

I will tell you sincerely from an anon blogger to an anon-questioner, YES it is THAT hard. It is SUPER HARD. It’s an adult type of pain. It’s not like moving on from a high school crush. Literally every part of the city that we’ve been together…I can’t go back without wanting to cry…every time i see someone who looks like him, i freak out….i find myself reading his old msgs for no reason…IT IS HARD. Imagine creating a world with someone..just the two of you…then imagine suddenly living in that world by yourself. That is how I feel. 

Anonymous said: Are Korean men possessive? Was your ex-boyfriend possessive? Is he still possessive of you?

Yes. To all three questions.

Anonymous said: James Lee from Royal Pirates, hot or not?

Hot with a capital I would suck his dick dry. 

This Sajaegi debate really draws the line between Korean consumers of kpop and international consumers. What most international fans don’t understand is that Soyu’s songs are actually that popular among Koreans. International fans fail to comprehend her popularity because, well, her songs don’t involve any catchy dance moves and she doesn’t change into a million and one outfits in her music videos. The international fans’ standard for what makes a song all-kill and viral worthy is very different from that of Koreans, so when something that isn’t YG-SM-JYP gets popular, international fans get suspicious (and I don’t blame them).  It’s hard for me to explain it, but… when you’re an international fan and when your ability to appreciate Korean music goes as far as “liking the beat,” you have to realize that you have a very ignorant and naive understanding of how the Korean music market works.  

I don’t like _______ but I would still suck his dick.

Fill in the blank with a Kpop idol :)

Anonymous said: Nichkhun did lose a lot of weight, but that's just because Tiffany's been sucking him dry.

Let it be known.

Is it just me or did…Nichkhun lose a lot of weight?

Anonymous said: How are you and him?

Starting from scratch. 

Anonymous said: I've once read your blog about WIN. And about the plans of YG, I agree about that, plus this MX&MATCH is the proof YG had other plans with Team B. But its another survival game. Do you have any predictions of whose going to be on the remaining 4 spots? Im betting Junhoe for it and YunHyeong. Idk its just that iKon needs their presence and talent too.

It’s hard for me to answer this question because I have been really bad with keeping up with that show. I’ve seen pictures and snippets. I like the guy with the mole on his nose. But we’ll see if that changes in further episodes lol

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