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Anonymous said: yass bitches,kpopxxx is back!!!you've been missed T T


Anonymous said: Yay! You're back! I was afraid you did something bad to yourself (i.e., suicide) after your breakup. Your sassy comments on all things kpop gives me so much life! YAAAAAAASSSSS!


Anonymous said: So you're back?! Yay! I love your blog and your personality. I could just give you a hug right now. :D


Even his belly button is perfect. 


My apologies for bringing my personal life into this blog. I’ve created a monster.

Ain’t nobody gonna love you like the way I do. 

Best thing to happen to kpop this summer: Rome’s bulge flopping around in those basketball shorts on ASC.

Anonymous said: You didn't like any of the other summer comebacks like f(x) or GOT7?

Touch My Body and Red are the only songs that can, in my books, qualify as a “summer song” or “song of the summer.” Red Light was a hot mess, and A was cute but way to repetitive for my taste. 

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