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I broke up with him, as you know. And I moved out. But we tried to remain friends. But it’s getting difficult. I drank with him one night. He stayed over at my place. We slept together. He apologized afterwards and as he was dressing up to leave, I asked him to stay. 

I don’t know why but I feel ashamed. I feel like i did something dirty. We’re texting and calling again. It’s kind of like we’re both pretending like nothing happened…like he almost didn’t cheat on me…like his mother doesn’t hate me…I feel like I’ve entered a very dangerous part of life.

The old me would be disappointed.  

I am having trouble keeping this blog updated like how it used to be in the first two years. Would you guys mind if this blog is more text-based?

Anonymous said: Hello, I need some advice. I was recently looking through my boyfriend's phone and I noticed that he was talking with some other guy and told him that he was single. I know that I should not have been looking through his phone in the first place, but my intention was not even to be snooping around. What should I make of this? I seriously love him so much and I don't want this to ruin what we have. I know that in my head I should not be taking this lightly, but my heart is telling me otherwise.

You need to break up with him. 

Anonymous said: omg please tell us the story and don't leave out any detail :D

If this is referring to the previous ask… I did sleep with someone, but not someone, else. if you know what I mean. Things have been weird for me.

Anonymous said: Can we get to know you? Like, what's your favorite color? Any hobbies? Any interesting party tricks? Do you do witchcraft?? :)

Brown. Kpopxxx. I’m a ridiculously good drinker. and No. 

Anonymous said: So have you been sexually active with anyone else after your break?

i have. 

Anonymous said: Yongguk and Jongup of BAP

Yongguk is not this muscular but you get the idea..

Anonymous said: Siwon!

(Put a kpop idol in my ask box and I will tell you which porn star he reminds me of)

Anonymous said: Casper of Cross Gene

(Put a kpop idol in my ask box and I will tell you which porn star he reminds me of)

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