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Come on, Mark. Jackson wants the D and he’s giving you all the (non)subliminal signifiers. It doesn’t get anymore obvious. Give the Hong Kong boy the Taiwanese sausage already, damn it.

Anonymous said: Maknae line, Jb and Youngjae, Mark and Jackson, Jr and Jackson, Jr and Mark, the list goes on. Who would you put together

Yugyeom and myself. 

Anonymous said: The country that you might be moving to, will you be able to speak the language? Just curious!


Anonymous said: Who do you think is nice and genuinely kind in kpop?

Bang Yongguk, Rap Monster, 2NE1, Min, Fei

…you know those types of people. Can’t describe it in words, but you can just tell.

If WINNER, EXO and GOT7 were to stop making music to focus on their reality tv shows, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Anonymous said: ok so got7 ships are sailing like crazy. *squeals* do you have a ship from got7?

Enlighten me. Who’s being shipped with who? lol. 

Anonymous said: In all seriousness, why is it so bad to be shallow and superficial? I'm not saying that it is good to possess those qualities, but I never understood why it's bad.

It’s not bad. It’s sad. 

I am always in disbelief when I look at the number of followers I have. It’s so weird. I’m not one to count followers (I rarely focus on the actual number, since I’ve reached that point where it goes up and down literally by the minute). But I’ve garnered wayyyyy more followers than I had ever anticipated. It’s so weird. Just out of curiosity: how many of you followed me since the very beginning? I’m talking like kpopxxx-survivor-freaky-friday-when-i-was-still-single-and-still-tagged-my-photos-beginning.. lol

Key chose Tiffany as the prettiest female in his company. It is not a coincidence that Tiffany, for some unknown reason, is overwhelmingly loved by homosexuals. Every gay guy would go straight for Tiffany. Anyways, I’ve presented the equation, you guys can do the rest of the math.

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