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Anonymous said: In your playlist what is the title of the song that you labelled as "good shit" ?

"Mic On" by Taeyang and G Dragon’s offspring

Anonymous said: Do you or your boyfriend have a weird fetish ?

I have talked about my fetish many times on this blog already (jeez, you guys are fetish-curious aren’t you? aha).

My boyfriend’s fetish, in a nutshell:

Anonymous said: Have you ever felt extremely regretful re guarding your relationship with your boyfriend?

Whenever we get into those big fights. I wouldn’t call it regret though. I just get those scary flashes of “Does he deserve better?…Is this really where I want to be for the rest of my life?”

Anonymous said: What is one of your fetishes?

Cute face, cute smile, paired with manly arms. 

Anonymous said: What do you think you will miss the most after you move?

My family, for sure. 

Anonymous said: i know you've answered this before...but would you ever meet a follower in person? Provided that they will promise to preserve your anonymity


Anonymous said: can you show us a kpop idol's body that is similar to your boyfriend's? :) thank you

though he isn’t as ghastly pale.

Anonymous said: what would you tell your nineteen year-old self about love?

It’s the only thing that matters in the end. 

Anonymous said: what is your and your boyfriend's shoe size?

We’re both 11 or 12, though I can sometimes fit a 10.5. 

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