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Anonymous said: what would you tell your nineteen year-old self about love?

It’s the only thing that matters in the end. 

Anonymous said: what is your and your boyfriend's shoe size?

We’re both 11 or 12, though I can sometimes fit a 10.5. 

Anonymous said: Has your boyfriend ever caused you to have a prostate orgasm? :D


Anonymous said: are you and your boyfriend into having foreplay before sex, or do you two just kinda get right to the point? thanks!

It really depends on the mood and time of day, but for the most part, the former (though not so much foreplay… more like flirtation). 

Anonymous said: how often do you and your boyfriend make love in a week? an estimate of course.

4 days a week?

Anonymous said: Where would you like to be if you can be anywhere you like?


Anonymous said: When was the best orgasm you've received?


When his best friend (some of you know him as Aiden) slept over. He slept in the living room and we were in the bedroom and we were trying our best to not make any noise. There was a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore and I made a sound and my boyfriend hushed me up by bending over and kissing my lips in the sloppiest manner. at that same moment, I came. I swear a tear came out of my eyes from happiness. It was memorable: I think it was a combination of my boyfriend’s rough man-handling gestures + the thrill that his best friend might have heard, that made the experience so worthwhile. okbyeimembarassedlol

Anonymous said: May I ask what country you are leaving?

For safety reasons, I’d rather not say. Sorry. 

Anonymous said: what do you think of T-ara?especially after their scandal?

They broke the sweet-Korean-girl mystique. These girl groupS (not just T-ara) are not nice all the time. They are cranky, competitive, and have the capability to be really mean. Your idols are not angels. 

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