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This week’s episode of KPOPSTAR3 was cute until this performance came in and blew up everything. Bernard literally stole the show on the first note. This boy isn’t playing around. 

I’m pretty sure Chanyeol is used to seeing Beakhyun from this point of view, especially at night, in bed. 

I wonder if this was taken before or after sex.

I wonder if this was taken before or after sex.

Anonymous said: what made you finally decide that you were gonna move with you bf? you seem like you didn't want to at first.

I was going through a really mentally stressful phase..and it finally occurred to me: if i don’t get to see, touch and talk to my boyfriend every day, if he isn’t just one call away, if I have to wake up without him by my side…I think i would completely break down. He is my coping mechanism for everything in life. 

Anonymous said: Did your bf ever wanted to break up with you?

In the very beginning of our relationship (like 1 month). He asked me if I was a virgin, and out of anxiety and stupid nervous impulse, I said yes. Then months later he said something like, “you seem really experienced..you know, in bed” in a joking manner (but I knew he was fishing for a reaction). So the truth came out and I said something stupid like “well…I’m not a virgin. Kind of….but not really.” ….He got mad…developed trust issues (the whole “if you lied about this what else are you lying about” anxiety). He actually said, “i want to break up.” …but obviously we didn’t break up. Yeah. Bad memories. 

I feel embarassed just talking about this haha

Chanyeol begging for the D.
Baekhyun playing hard to get.

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