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Anonymous said: Seo In Guk?

He’s most attractive when his gay for Hoya is showing. 

Anonymous said: Hoya

He’s most attractive when in a wifebeater and wet, and you know it.

Anonymous said: nickhun!

He’s most attractive in selcas, because in them, he comes off as someone who you can bump into on the streets and day dream about for the rest of your life. Very approachable yet unattainable. 


Anonymous said: Jay Park

He’s most attractive when he isn’t completely clothed. #obviousanswer 

Put a celebrity in my ask box and I’ll tell you when I find them most attractive. 

Anonymous said: everytime I read your post about you and your bf, my brain fart trying to picture you guys. Every time I try to imagine how would you look like, Baekhyun always pop out into my mind. Did that make any sense? Do you or do you not get what I meant. Basically I'm saying that you giving me this baekhyun vibe(?) ... never mind -.-, Idk what I'm even saying here.

I give off the Baekhyun vibe? Am I really that bitchy? hahaha oh man.

Anonymous said: any thoughts on xiumin and/or xiuhan?

I’ve already sold my soul to Hunhan. Sorry. 

Anonymous said: What do you think about taohun?

That’s what I think.

Finally unpacked. Have a secure source of internet. Let the good times roll again :). 

Today’s highlight:

I went out to grab coffee for the two of us. He stayed back in the condo unpacking, so I had to go alone. I got lost on my way back. Literally had to ask like 10 people. By the time I got back, all the ice melted…it took that long. Me and directions is like Baekhyun and Tao; we just don’t mesh. 

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