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Anonymous said: you should probably write whatever the hell you want because this is your personal blog and if someone doesn't like that, the unfollow button is just a click away.

I was going to give that anon the default “This is my blog I can do whatever I want” rant, but then I realized that there is no use reasoning with an irrational and oversensitive kpop fan. 

(You guys have no idea how much hate I’ve been receiving just because I’ve declared that I am team Kris.) 

Anonymous said: when you're not dissecting male idols or talking about gay sex, you should probably shut up. everything you say outside of that is grade A bullshit

I should probably shut up. But I probably won’t. Sorry. 

…and people ask me why I am so YG-biased. Um, hello, three lawsuits later, shouldn’t it be obvious that YG is where it’s at? 

Anonymous said: your thoughts on Kris suing SM?

I have A LOT to say about Kris’s situation, but unfortunately, I must head out soon. For now this is what I’ll say:

Suho now has a permanent place in my burn book for calling Kris’s actions “irresponsible.” Suho is the cookie-cutter brainwash product of SM par excellence. And I am so disgusted by his fake didactic comment. Who is he to moralize others? Kris has a responsibility to SM, that’s a given. But let’s put on our humanity thinking caps and realize that Kris has a responsibility to HIMSELF first. 

I was not sure who my bias is in EXO (Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, or Kris). But now I can say proudly that I am team Kris. 

Anonymous said: Kyungsoo

He’s most attractive when he’s hungry for K’s D.

Anonymous said: Seulong

He’s most attractive in soccer apparel…and when he’s looking all boy-next-door-average-joe

Anonymous said: Baekhyun

Tbh, he was most attractive on showtime. His reality tv personality puts all the other members to shame. 

Anonymous said: Donghae

He’s most attractive when sleeveless. And it’s always a bonus when he’s showing some pit

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