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Just a note: please do not send me pictures of yourself, asking me to rate how you look. It puts me in a very uncomfortable position. You’re all beautiful in your own ways. I am not entitled to rate you on superficial grounds—in fact, no one is. 

Good day. 

Question: Is it normal for Korean guys to act like this?

Answer: In short, yes. Though it really depends on the type of Korean guy. (I think Korean American guys deviate from this description a little bit.) But on the whole, Korean guys are very touchy. For instance, when I used to sleep over at my friend’s house during my high school days, on some mornings I would wake up with his entire upper body over mine or vice versa lol. And this act has no sexual undertone. It was purely for warmth and comfort. It only gets awkward when you make it so. And i guess that’s where we Korean guys differ from other guys…that awkwardness between male skinship does not exist for the majority of us. As you grow up and become a “man” of course it can get more awkward because your body starts reacting in ways that betrays your innocence. 

Anonymous said: Who do you think in eco is the best in bed?

Kai. The way he dances suggests that he knows how the human body works in ways that many of us do not. 

If you want empirical evidence, you’ll have to ask him: 

Anonymous said: Do you have any thoughts on Kibum from Super Junior? I thought he was really cute.

He was my favorite member in Super Junoir/ the only reason I even cared about Super Junior as a group. 

Anonymous said: Chanyeol was asked what he wanted the most and Baekhyun shouted "Me!"

link to the video, or it didn’t happen. 

KPOPSTAR Season 3 was really just a JYP-BERNARD romantic drama.

…And they lived happily ever after. 

You need to watch this movie like twice (even thrice) to actually understand and appreciate its depth. 

You need to watch this movie like twice (even thrice) to actually understand and appreciate its depth. 

Kpopxxx Playlist: Brighten up your day with this cute ass song. 

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