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Anonymous said: Do you (like to) go on dates? If so, how would a perfect date be?

Dinner and wine at his place and building an Ikea furniture together. 

Question: How many times have Sistar danced to Touch My Body?

Answer: Not as many times as Bangtan.

Anonymous said: Cutest thing someone's ever said to u while sex?

"Babe I’m close. Never mind I’m coming."

Anonymous said: Do you like to be spooned?

lol this question is bringing back really funny memories.

You see, I don’t like being spooned. I can’t fall asleep if someone is spooning me. Instead, I prefer to be the one doing the spooning (the “big spoon”). It’s just oddly more comfortable for me. But my old boyfriend also does not like being spooned. So what usually happened was I would let him spoon me until he falls asleep, then I would wiggle my way out, turn him over and hug him until I fall asleep. The struggle was really real during bedtime in our household. 

Anonymous said: How tall was the tallest guy you have every been with and how short was the shortest? And is a guys height important to you?

This question made me realize that height is actually kind of important for me. I’ve only dated considerably tall guys. That’s not to say, however, that I would never fall in love with a Kyungsoo. 

Anonymous said: Yay! I'm so glad your posting like before. I hope you're taking care if yourself.

I am taking care of myself. Thanks for checking up on me, kind anon.

Thunder at his finest. Seriously though.

Chocolate abs, actually. 

Chocolate abs, actually. 

Veins for days.

Veins for days.

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