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Anonymous said: I like this guys (I'm a guy) but he never replies to my texts. Should I stop trying or no?

lol I’m that type of guy that would “never reply” to text messages too. He might not mean any harm. Maybe he just isn’t a text messaging person. Talk to him in real life. If he seems stand-offish then abort mission. 

Send me a picture of your favorite Korean body at the moment. 

Anonymous said: I don't know if you give advice on relationships, but it's worth a try to ask, right? So my boyfriend broke up with me (if it helps to know, we're both guys), and it's been hard for me to let things go. I guess it's just weird because he was the one who wanted to start a relationship with me and waited for months until we got to know each other better and until I was finally comfortable with saying yes. I still run into him occasionally (same college) and it's awkward. What should I do?

This would be a PERFECT time to focus on you: your school work, your hobbies, your passion, all the things you wanted to do but didn’t have time to do before. When I broke up with one of my exes during my first year in university, my marks skyrocketed. It’s time to embrace being single and put that single-life energy to productive use. Sure, you loved and you loss. So what? On to the next. There are other things to love in this world. Love literature, love music, love public service work, love retail…it’s time to love something new. 

Your friend,


Anonymous said: What is your fetish? Or if it's not to that extent, the body part that turns you on easily?

Neck, calf, butt. 

I think it’s so cool how some of you are quoting me/ talking about me on your respective blogs. It makes me feel…for lack of a better word…special. lol. Thank you, all. 

Anonymous said: what do you think of mainstream pop ? such as katy perry, lady gaga, one direction, ed sheeran, and so on. is there some songs that lurks their way into your playlist when you exercise or something ?

I like Jazmine Sullivan, Mary J Blige, Ne Yo, Usher, Alicia Keys, Anthony Hamilton, Keyshia Cole, Musiq Soulchild, etc. 

I cannot stand Ed Sheeran, One Direction, etc. 

Oh, and this is going to sound so weird and stupid, but for some odd reason, I like to workout to Celine Dion. I don’t know why that is lol. 

Anonymous said: Does your boyfriend know you have a kpop gay porn blog?

A while back he asked me something like, “Why are you so updated with Korean pop culture news all of a sudden? I thought one of the things we had in common was that we don’t care for that type of music.”  

And he’s right. Running this blog puts a weird burden on my shoulders: I have never been so engrossed with kpop culture in my life. You guys are the reason why I even know all the names of the EXO members. lol it’s so ridiculous.

Send me your favorite kpop selcas :)

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